Who We Are

Clint Odom

I am currently a competitive NPC Bodybuilder, and my passion for fitness and interest in supplements began when I worked at a nutrition store as a teenager. In those few years I tried every top rated supplement that hit the market. It didn't take me long to figure out what supplements were all hype and which ones legitimately delivered the results I wanted. As a competitive athlete, I truly understand the importance of quality in nutritional products. I see it as my personal mission to develop top quality products so that all athletes can excel above and beyond in the gym.

Rick Johns
My interest in building muscle and strength began when I was in 14 years old and my parents bought me one of those  Joe Weider weight sets with the sand-filled "plates" and 1" thick bar.  I think it was 110 lbs.  I started using it nightly, and almost immediately saw results.  Soon enough, I could bench, squat, and overhead press (the exercises I gleaned from bodybuilding mags of the 80's) the entire set for several reps, and I loved the feeling of accomplishment it gave me.  My interest in supplements soon followed, and I choked and gagged my way through most of the well-advertised supplements of the late 80's and 90's, seeing minimal results, and spending the bulk of my money.  Since that time, I set out to educate myself on all aspects of Fitness, Nutrition, Human Performance, and Physiology.  In this persuit, I have done doctoral research in muscle physiology, worked as a personal trainer, owned a nutrition store, and worked in several pharmacies while completing my PharmD degree.  All the while, I continue to keep updated on the latest in nutritional research, the supplement industry, the research pipelines for both pharmaceutical and natural products, and my own personal quest to balance my passion for the gym with my love of good food.

Why Us

Mission statement

Our Mission at Real Sports Nutrition is to provide athletes with superior products that will deliver results. 

Our top priority is creating supplements that are properly dosed and scientifically formulated for a specific purpose. 

Being athlete owned and operated we understand your goals and strive to develop products to help you achieve them. 

Our background in the pharmaceutical and nutritional sciences (as well as the gym) sets us apart from others in the industry. We ONLY produce and promote products that are engineered with precise ingredient dosages and research-driven information for proven results.